Review of Citadel

Citadel Commerce proudly offers its customers a specialized online payment methods service that is both safe and secure. The purpose that this company was originally formed for was to solve the ever-growing problem stemming from botched online money transactions. Citadel’s primary goal is to ensure that each and every transaction is processed in the most safe and secure manner possible. Basically, Citadel offers an Electronic Internet Check that provides an inexpensive, easy, safe and completely secure and reliable online payment method.

Customers are able to use the service from any computer that has access to the Internet, as well as an Internet browser, making it available to almost everyone in the world. And the best feature of this option is that it doesn’t come with the hassles of using a credit card online, it does not come with the interest that is applied when using a credit card for any purchase, much less any purchases made on the Internet. Using the service, you can simply process payments directly to and from millions of online sites all over the Internet and you can do so much more conveniently than other online payment services.

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No credit card required

This great service is able to combat the feeling that people who do not have access to a credit card feel when they wish to make an online purchase. This feeling is usually that they are unable to make any purchases online because of their lack of credit card or access to one. Now that the option to use Citadel is available, this problem is completely solved. With Citadel all you need is access to a valid bank account. Once you have entered the requested information when signing up for a Citadel account, you will never have to provide personal information over the Internet again.

Your personal information is safe

When using Citadel’s services, you will never have to worry about any of your personal information being leaked to any unauthorized person, because this company uses encryption technology that is used by financial institutions worldwide. The use of this encryption technology provides Citadel the opportunity to offer their clients a 100% safe and secure environment for transferring money. This technology insures that only you and those who you have given permission have access to your accounts and any account information.

Quick and easy

Another benefit of this payment option alternative is that it is very quick. Most transactions are completed within about 72 business hours, as long as the transaction was started prior to 3 PM Central Standard Time. In order to protect themselves against check fraud, a lot of the casinos and other merchants to accept this payment method require that the transfer is complete before the funds are available in your casino account.

Citadel Commerce has really come through for its customers by providing such a wonderful service, especially for those customers who use them for online gambling. This service is much easier and more convenient when purchasing credits at an online Casino. With this service, it is much easier than using credit cards, because there are no hassles, fees or interest and there is with major credit cards.

Funding methods

900 Pay
Eco Card
Wire Transfer