Review of Click2Pay

If you are looking for the best new payment method on the Internet today you should seriously take a look at Click2Pay. This is one of the most popular options used today for many great reasons including the ease of signing up and actually using the card and how widely accepted it is over the Internet. It is very easy to sign up for this card all you have to do is go to the website and fill out the sign up information, quick and simple. Another one of the reasons that this method is so popular is because of how safe it is for you to use.

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Secure and anonymous

Click2Pay is aware that many people are wary of buying things online because of the chance of identity theft or stolen money which is why they operate off of a very secure server, they know that you have to be able to trust them. This service is also anonymous, which makes things even better because they don’t have to know who you are and what you are buying online. They make sure that they keep a great reputation because they know that this will help assure you that they will continue to bring you and all of their clients the best service available on the internet today.

How does it work?

Once you open your account with this company, go to the website that you wish to buy from and enter you username, password and PAN (personal account number), you don’t have to give the merchant any of your bank account or personal information. After you have entered this information, Click2Pay will make sure that there is enough money in your bank account or on your credit card to complete the transaction and transfer it right from there to you account and pay the merchant that you are buying from. So in essence the money is coming from this company and not from you, you are just paying the company. This is one of the reasons that people love using this service, there is no more continually entering your information, you do it one time and that is it.

Also, one very important thing, before a merchant can be able to offer this service to their customers, is that they have to be approved by the company to make sure that they will be reliable and trustworthy. So you can rest assured that your money will be in good hands from the minute that you start a transaction to the time that it is finished and that you will get the product that you have paid for. And finally you should know that none of the information you provide Click2Pay with is ever sold to third party companies, it is stored securely on their private servers so they can use it when you make a purchase online. This is to make sure that you know that unlike some other companies no body will ever get their hands on your information whether it is a checking account, credit card or your name.

Funding methods

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