Review of Eco Card

The ECO Card is one of the number one choices for payment options on the Internet today. This company has been around for a while and they know how to keep their customers happy, it takes hard work and determination. They know that there are certain things that a player must have available to them in order to trust the company and each and every one of them is present with this payment method. This company has earned the respect of each and every one of their clients and will do whatever they need to do to make sure that they earn and keep your trust.

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The service is available for everyone, there is no discrimination; if you have a bank account or credit card, you have the right to apply. One of the main goals of this company is to make sure that all e-transactions are processed completely securely. They know that this is the number one thing on your mind besides getting your desired product so they make it one of theirs as well. In order to cut down on internet credit card theft they have a transaction authorization policy in effect so that you can let them know for sure that you are the one making the purchase.


The ECO Card is so easy to use, which is another reason people love it. They do not ask you a million questions when you are signing up for the service, they don’t need your credit card number or your home address which makes you feel better that you personal information is not spread all over the internet. There are many different options for you to use when depositing money into your account, you can use all of the following plus more depending on where you are in the world; Money Transfer, and Bank Transfer. If you decide to make your deposit with the first method the money is usually in your account within one business day, if you use Bank Transfer it can take up to 5 business days to credit.


As stated before there are many reasons and key elements that make ECO Card so great and the company will do nothing but continue to grow and make everything even more enticing for all clients and merchants alike. The company is set out to lower the operational costs from merchants and clients and to lower Internet transaction risks. There have been many studies that show that more than half of the people who hold credit cards have never used them to make an online purchase and one of the top reasons is because they are afraid that their numbers will be stolen. This company is here to alleviate all of those fears; you have complete anonymity with all online transactions. Many of the people who use this card use it for online gaming; it is a great way to purchase credits at an online casino. Your money will be in there quickly and if you don’t want people to know what you did with the money online it will come back with the ECO charge not the casino.

Funding methods

900 Pay
Eco Card
Wire Transfer