Review of Moneybookers

One of the best aspects of using Moneybookers is that they know how important it is to their clients to be able to have full and complete trust in them. They try to think of it this way, if they handle themselves in the same manner as a bank would, then their clients will be able to trust them much more readily than they would one of Moneybookers competitors. Along those same lines, Moneybookers realizes the fact that if they handle themselves as a bank would, then more people will be willing to use their services and put their trust in them because they figure that with assuming the characteristics of the bank, they also assume the trust of the Bank, and no one would put money with a bank they did not trust. Therefore, if people know that can trust them as they can trust their bank, more and more people will use Moneybookers.

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Safe and secure

Moneybookers goes above and beyond the necessary to be sure that every transaction that is processed through their company is completely safe and secure so that their clients never have anything to worry about. They have years and years of experience in customer service, because they are owned by average people who put themselves in their client’s shoes, and strive to treat their clients, as they would want to be treated by someone that they would entrust their business to.


Using this wonderful service is incredibly easy. You simply apply money to your Moneybookers accounts from your credit card or your bank account. This is done easily through your personal e-mail account and is sent directly to the online Casino at which you wish to make a deposit. This process is completed instantaneously so that you are able to be sure that your money arrives at the correct destination, and that you can use it immediately. Moneybookers is perfect for those of us who are interested in a very low risk method of payment. The risk of any personal information being misused is very very low, if not nonexistent.

The first time that you use Moneybookers to make a transaction with a particular company, it is standard procedure for that particular company to check your bank account or credit card to make sure you have enough money to cover the purchase that you have requested. Once they have verified that there is money in the account to cover your purchase, your transaction is processed.


Moneybookers is an incredible alternative payment method for many people, especially those who either do not have a credit card, or those who are not comfortable with providing credit card information directly over the Internet. This service allows the customer a high level of privacy and confidentiality when making online purchases. As mentioned earlier, transactions are made from your personal Moneybookers account, so you always have a record of each and every transaction, which is another great benefit of this program. Moneybookers makes it a point to make their customers aware that they will never, under any circumstances, share or sell any of your personal information to anyone.

Funding methods

900 Pay
Eco Card
Wire Transfer