Let It Ride Poker Gambling

Let it Ride Gambling has become the favorite pastimes of many gamblers worldwide. This game was brought to the world in 1993, to promote automatic shuffling machines; however it has progressed into so much more in the last eleven years. This game is based on getting your best five card poker hand. To win this game you must realize what the object of the game is, you must get at least a pair of tens or higher using the three cards that you are dealt face down and the two cards that the dealer has; which are known as the community cards. The game was originally based on the fact that it lets you control two of your bets out of the three that you wager on a very action packed game.

If you are going to gamble at Let it Ride you must first know what you are doing, meaning you need to know what the rules are and you need to know what some tips of the game are.

Place your bets

First of all before you even get any cards you must place three identical bets on the three circles that are positioned in front of you on the table. These circles will be marked 1, 2, and $. The circles that are marked 1 and 2 represent bets that you can ask for back later in the game and the $ sign represents the minimum bet that you have got to wager on the hand.

First bet

Now that you have made your bets it is time to get your cards, each player gets three cards face down and the dealer gets two cards face down. You now look at your cards and see if you think that you are going to end up with a winning hand once you know what the two community cards are. If you do think that you will be getting a winning hand you can choose the option to “Let it Ride” which means that you will keep all of your bets on the table. If you for some reason don’t think that you are going to not end up winning the hand you can request your first bet back.

Second bet

After each player has done this the dealer turns up one of his face down cards to reveal the first community card, you and the other players must look at that card and decide whether you can use it or not. If you can’t, you can request your second bet back and if you can you let the bets ride again. The dealer now shows his last face down card. These are all of the cards and now you have to make your best five card poker hand. If you don’t have at least a pair of tens or higher you don’t win anything and the game begins again. However if you do have better than that you will win the designated amount depending on your bet.


As for some tips to win at this game you can follow the main rule, if you have a pair of tens or better out of your three cards alone let your bets ride, if not request one of your bets back. You should never chase after 4 card straights and if you don’t think you are going to get a winning hand you should always ask for one of your bets back, these small tips should help in making the playing of this game more fun because you have some idea of what you are doing and how best to play. Let it Ride Gambling is very easy to learn and very fun to play.

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