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If you are a fan of Let it Ride in all of the land-based casinos you will become an even bigger fan of Online Let it Ride. You play this game just like you would play it at a land-based casino, but all in the comfort of your own home. If you have never played this game you should be aware of what the rules are and how to play it. First of all you should know that this game is played with a normal 52-card deck and there are no wilds.

First, the basic object of the game is to get a pair of tens or higher in order to win and make a profit. When you start to play the game you are required to make three equal bets and place them in the three betting circles located in front of you on your screen. You must make sure that the bet you wish to make for one circle can be used at the other two circles without going over the table limit, because all of the bets have to be identical. The circles that are in front of you on your screen that you are supposed to bet in, are marked with a $ sign, a 1 and a 2. The dollar sign signifies the bet that will remain all through the game; the 1 and 2 marked circles have the options later in the game to help with your game.

Now that you have placed your bets the dealer will deal you three cards, and the dealer is given two cards. After looking at your three cards, you can decide whether you think that you will be able to make a winning hand or not. If you do think that you will be able to make a winning hand out of what you have in your hand you can click on the button on your computer screen that says “let it ride” and the game will continue. However if you think that the cards in your hand will not give you a winning hand you have the choice to request the bet you put in the number one circle back.

Once you have made your decision the dealer turns up one of his face down cards to reveal the first community card, after looking at the first card, you reevaluate your hand and decide if you think that you have a winning hand or not and choose to either ask for the bet you placed in the number 2 circle back or “let it ride” again, by clicking on the respective buttons.

Now it is on to the final part of the hand. The dealer’s final face down card is turned up to reveal the second community card. Seeing the final card will be the final decision in whether you win or not. If in your hand you have a pair of tens or higher you will be awarded the winnings according to your hand.

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