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Let it Ride can be played for free online, so you don't need to worry about gambling with any of your money. If you play free Let it Ride, you can do it for fun and experience, and playing the game this way also means getting a chance to learn and practice strategies in case you decide to play it for real. Just like a Video Poker game, you have no opposition that you must play against so you can take your time and have fun with no pressure on you.

Let it Ride is based on the game of poker because it utilizes the hands found in poker; Royal Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, etc. The object of Let it Ride is to get a hand strong enough to win, a pair of 10’s or stronger. Anything lower than a pair of 10s will be an automatic loss. If you get a high hand like a Royal Flush, you will win no matter what. You can find many places online where you can play free Let it Ride, using free money given to you by the casino that can only be played on Let it Ride and cannot be withdrawn.

In Let it Ride, the dealer uses a deck of 52 cards and it is played on a table, much like a blackjack table, that can seat seven players at one time, and three betting circles are drawn on the table. Before beginning the play, the dealer will use an automatic device created specifically to shuffle cards, which was also made by the developers of this game.

Then, each player enters their bets into the three betting circles, which are marked with a 1, 2, and $, corresponding with the phases in the game when they are used. The ring marked with a $ is the last bet, although it cannot be removed during play, the first two can. So you are really only putting up 1/3 of the money you bet. Each bet must be of the same value the other two are, and at least the minimum if there is one placed by the casino.

Following the end of betting the dealer will deal three cards, face down, to the player and put two cards, face down, in front of him known as the 'community cards'. After the dealing is over, the player must then consider their cards to determine if they have a hand worth playing or trying for. If they decide that the hand is good or has potential, they can choose to let their first bet ride, but if they think it is bad, they can remove, or 'pull', their first bet. After that, the first community card is turned face up and they have yet again the choice on what to do with their second bet, 'pull' or 'let it ride'. At the end, the last community card is shown and the player will be paid their winnings or the dealer will take the losing bets from the table.

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