Progressive Let It Ride Poker

Let it Ride is an amazing game that can really end up making you a lot of money. There are many ways for you to profit from this game but one the best that people are enjoying more and more now is Progressive Let it Ride. Progressive Let it Ride is quickly becoming the most popular form of this game because you have the possibility of a life changing amount of money with just one hand. You might be wondering what Progressive or Progressive Jackpot Let it Ride means, it will be explained in detail below.

Carousel progressive let it ride

There are two different types of Progressive Jackpot games. One of them is called the carousel Progressives; this type of game is within a certain casino. There are groups of games that are called carousels and all of the games in that particular group are linked together to bring you a nice sized jackpot. Every game and every person who plays that game accumulates the jackpot. For every bet that is played through a particular machine a percentage is put towards the overall jackpot. This type Progressive Let it Ride is usually a very nice sized jackpot but there is a type of jackpot that goes up a lot higher, this is called the area wide progressive jackpot.

Area wide progressive let it ride

The area wide Progressive Jackpot is the jackpot that most people go for because the amount is usually a whole lot higher. This jackpot can be millions and millions of dollars on a very low bet. This type of jackpot is linked between several different casinos on the Internet or in the same area of the world. Each and every bet that is played through the machine contributes to the overall jackpot of the game, there is a little percentage taken out and put to the jackpot. Therefore if you are playing you are adding to the jackpot just like everyone else.


If you are going to play Progressive Let it Ride you have to remember to always bet the maximum amount allowed at the game. If you aren’t going to be betting the maximum you should play a non-progressive game because it is required to win the top jackpot. There are always certain things that you should know about the game that you are playing including Let it Ride. You should always be aware of what your bets are and keep good control over your bankroll. There are many ways that you can do this but money and time management are great starts. You should also know that when you go into play Progressive Let it Ride you have options, this is the only game that you have the chance to make bets and then take them back if you don’t think you are going to win, which is why everybody loves this game. If you are out looking for a way to potentially make a great deal of money, while offering you non stop excitement and action this is one of the best games available whether you are playing online or in a land-based casino.

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