Basics of Let It Ride Poker

Let it Ride may seem familiar to most people because it is based on the popular card game, poker. It uses the same hands found in the standard five-card game. However, in Let it Ride, you are not playing against any opponents that you need to beat, so experience is not a required aspect in this game to be successful at play. Also, you may not converse or communicate in anyway with the other players, because a portion of the whole hand is hidden. If you were to know what the other player’s cards are, then you would gain an edge over the casino, which is unfair. In this article we will discuss the basics of Let it Ride poker.

Easy to understand

Let it Ride poker is an easy game to play and understand, it can be played as an online game or land based, and it isn't threatening to play since you have no one to compete against, a player should have little or no pressure on them. It is, however, necessary that you have basic knowledge on the hands in poker and how they rank up to each other, and also some basic strategy under your belt would be a good measure to ensure that you do well.

Objective of the game

The objective is to put together poker hands that are winners (at least two tens or better) using the three cards the player receives and the two community cards laid out by the dealer. Let it Ride is comparable to a blackjack table in size and has enough space to hold 7 players. A standard deck of cards, containing 52 cards, is used by the dealer which gets shuffled by an automatic card shuffling device, which is produced by the creators of Let it Ride. The game consists of three betting circles, found in front of the player, which are marked with a 1, 2, and a $ and a hand of five cards. At the start of the round, each player will place a bet of equal value in all three circles, usually the table will have a minimum required amount for bets, most being 5 dollars.

Letting your bets ride

In Let it Ride, players may take back bets as the cards are given, so in truth, only 1/3 of a players bet is really at stake since players have the option of pulling two of their bets during the game. The dealer will then pass out three face down cards to each player and place two cards face down on the table, which are known as community cards. The dealer must then discard the fourth card and begin with the fifth card, flipping it over so it is face up. Afterwards, the players look over their cards and choose if they will take their first bet back (commonly known as 'Pull Bet') or allow it to stay in play (known as 'Let it Ride). Players will have a second time to do this before the conclusion of the round, when the last community card is overturned and the winners are paid their winnings and the bets placed by the losers are taken up.

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