Let It Ride Poker Bets

In Let it Ride there are three main bets that you will place and in some casino there is a bonus bet that you are allowed to place. Having the chance to make three bets has a way of increasing your odds not to mention the level of fun you are having. The first type of bet that you have the option of making is the one in the number one marked circle, you place this bet, the bet in the number two marked circle and the bet in the $ circle all at the same time and they all have to be the same amount of money. The bet in the first circle and the second circle represent bets that you can take back later on in the game if you don’t think that you are going to end up with a winning hand.

The first bet

The betting goes as follows; you make your first bet before you get any cards, you decide how much you want to bet and put the same amount in each one of the three circles. The dealer then gives you three cards face down and takes two cards face down for himself. After you look at your cards and decide whether or not you think you are going to get a winning hand (which in this game is at least a pair of tens or higher). If you think that you are going to get a winning hand you have the option to let your number one bet ride- the bet in the number one circle, on the other hand if you think that you won’t be able to get a winning hand you can request that number one bet back.

The second bet

Now that all the bets have been decided on, the dealer will turn up one of his two face down cards to reveal the first community card. You look at that card and decide whether you have winning hand with it, you think you can get a winning hand with it and the other community card (which you can’t see yet) or you think that you will end up with no hand. This is where you decide whether you want to let the bet that you placed in the number two-circle ride or you want to request it back. Now after this is over the final community card is revealed and you make either a winning hand or you lose and the game starts over again.

Bonus bet

Now the final type of Let it Ride Bets that some casinos use is the bonus bet. This is when you add an extra, lets say $1 bet to the table before you are dealt any cards. This will end up winning your more money in the end if you win that hand.

Probability of winning

Since there are many different ways to bet in this game you need to know that you should calculate the probability of betting and winning before you decide what your bet should be because remember you have to place the identical bet on all three circles. Finally the circle that you will see in front of you that is marked with a $ is the minimum amount that you are required to bet, you don’t get this back if you don’t think you are going to have a winning hand.

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