Let It Ride Poker History

In 1993, a company that specialized in the manufacturing of gambling-devices, game tables and automatic card shuffling machines, called Shuffle Master, developed Let It Ride. It first made its presence known in the casino's stationed in Reno, Nevada. Ever since this game made it's first appearance, it has rapidly, and understandably, grown in popularity amongst players and is now seen in well over 200 casinos in a good many states spread out all over the country.

Poker, which is agreeably the most favored gambling card game of all, is the basis of this new generation of gambling games known as Let it Ride. The wide enjoyment and popularity of these games can be reasoned because it uses poker hands, which most everyone that knows how to play cards is familiar with. A neat twist in the game, which was probably partly responsible for its success, enables bettors to retrieve some of their money placed in their bets while the cards are being passed out; the games offers satisfaction of the player's need for control.

The game was created by Shuffle Master to combine their products, the normal blackjack-sized game table and the automatic shuffler, and make it necessary to bring them both into use. Even though it used the aspects of a blackjack table, the game was not meant to only appeal to the players of blackjack; but to be easily learned and fun for all cards players and carried the alluring feature of a big cash payout on side bets.

Over time, Let it Ride has come to be as popular, maybe even more than, in online play as it is in land based. A standard deck of cards, containing 52 cards, is used for game play. The object of the game is to get the highest poker hand you can, but while being sure you are keeping on the table, the maximum bet. The hands consist of six cards in total. Three cards are given to the player, and the other three are placed before the dealer. The dealer must discard the fourth card and then use the remaining two cards, which means he or she will start with the fifth card dealt. Before players are dealt their three face down cards and the two community face down cards are placed out, each player must first enter an ante that is made up of three equal bets in all the playing circles.

Once all that is completed and the first community card is flipped over, each player may now examine their three cards before deciding if they will leave their first bet in play (which is referred to as 'Let it Ride) or to remove it (referred to as 'Pull Bet'). In order to win, the player must have 10's, or ones of greater value, to win. Once the dealer reveals the second community card, the player again has the choice of leaving their second bet, or to remove it from play. In closing of the round, the dealers must overturn each player's hand, and the second community card as well, and award the winning hands their payouts and take the loosing bets up.

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