Let It Ride Poker Rules

Let it Ride Poker is one of the most fascinating games on the Internet and in the land based casinos. The rules of Let it Ride poker are based on 5 Card Stud Poker, the only difference is that you are not playing against other players or the house you are playing against yourself.

Place your bets

To start the game you have to make three equal bets, you do this by putting chips in each of the three circles located in front of you at your playing position. The circles will be labeled, on will have a “$”, one will have “1” and the last one will have a “2”. The chips that you put in the circles marked 1 and 2 can be taken back later but the chip that you have on the $ has to stay as your minimum bet. Once you have placed your bets the dealer and all of the players get three cards face down, one of the dealers cards will be thrown away immediately. The cards that you have been dealt as a player is not your hand it is what you will use later on to make a good five card hand. The players are then dealt their three cards.

Let the first bet ride

After all of the cards have been dealt to all players, you can look at your cards. If you have taken a look at your cards and you decide that you don’t think you are going to be able to get a winning hand, you can ask for your first bet back. If you decide to ask for your bet back the dealer will give back one of your first three bets and leave your other two were they are for the time being. That one bet is now out of the game no matter whether you win or lose. However if you look at your cards and you think that you will be able to get a winning hand you indicate to the dealer that you want to Let it Ride.

Let the second bet ride

After each player has gone around the table and decided to either Let it Ride or take back a bet the dealer turns one of his two cards over. Look at the dealer’s card to see how their cards will help you with your hand. Now the betting starts over again, the same as it did in the first round. You and all of the other players are given the chance again to either Let it Ride (let your second bet ride) or to take back your second bet. No matter whether you decide to “Let it Ride” or take your bet back, the decision you made on your first bet will not be affected.

Settling of your bets

Now that you have decided what you want to do with your bets the dealer turns up his second card, now you can use both of the dealers up cards to make your best five card hand. You are defined as a winner if you have a pair of Tens or Better, the payouts on the game depend on the amount you bet on the game.

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Let it Ride Rules

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