Let It Ride Poker Table Layout

Let it Ride is a table game that is played on one much like a blackjack table. The table can seat up to seven players; they all sitting around a half-circle area that is split up into seven different spaces which is where they play from. In each space on the half-circle table, there are three circles, used for betting; a space for your cards, and a payout table is written near the middle. The three circles are lined up, usually closer to the dealer, with the circle marked with a 1 starting on the right side and the circle marked with a $ sign on the left side, with the circle marked with a 2 in the center. The dealer stands in the center of the half-circle, where he deals from, this is where two boxes are placed for the two community cards that are to be laid face down in. The tray of poker chips is kept in front of the dealer and the automatic shuffler is kept each to the left or right of the dealer, and the deck of cards is placed on the opposite side that the shuffling device is kept.

When the game starts, each player puts their bets in each of the circles found in their area. Each bet must be the same amount as the other two and, if there is one, you must bet the house minimum, which sometimes can be found written on the table somewhere. The bets put in circles 1 and 2 may be taken back at certain times doing the game, but the bet put in the circle with a $ will stay there until the game ends and the dealer either takes it if the player loses, or the player takes it back along with their winnings, this is the minimum bet that the player is required to place.

After the bets are done, the dealer will shuffle the cards in the special card shuffler beside them, then deal each player three cards, face down, into their playing areas. When the players receive their cards, they will not be allowed to share what their cards are with the other players. The dealer will then deal two face down cards to himself and put them into the two boxes used for the community cards, and following that, the dealer will flip over the first community card, giving the players their first chance to ‘pull’ the bet in circle 1. Then again with the second card, giving players their second chance to ‘pull’ their second bet.

The table layout for Let it Ride Poker is very important because it is different from any other game, you must be familiar with this in order to know what the circles mean and where you have to place your bets. Knowing all of this information will help you enjoy the game a lot more and possibly be more successful.

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