Let It Ride Poker House Edge

When playing Let It Ride Poker, and trying to calculate the House Edge, your task can become quite difficult. Since there are 311,875,200 different ways to get five cards out of 52, with regard to the order they are chosen in, the total amounts of times that the player would lose assuming a perfect strategy is used is over 10,933,344 times. The way the house edge is calculated is by comparing the average player loss to the minimum bets or 10,933,344 divided by 311,875,200, which equals 3.5056792%.

Now what all of that information listed above means in plain English is that the House edges to find is the ratio of the average loss as opposed to the initial bet. This edge is not defined as the ratio of money lost to money wagered. In some games, the initial bet is not necessarily the same as the ending bet. When Playing Let It Ride Poker, the player has the opportunity to increase their wager whenever the odds favor doing so, in cases such as these, the amount of money that is wagered is not considered a part of that denominator for the purpose of determining the house’s edge.

The main reason that the House edge is calculated relative to the original wager instead of the average wager, is because it makes it easier for each player to determine what they could possibly lose. For example, let’s assume that the house edge in the Let It Ride Poker Game that you are playing is .6%, when this is the case, for every $10 that is wagered, you can assume that you will lose approximately six cents on the average.

Knowing the house edge, odds and strategies of this game or any casino game can greatly enhance your play. At first it may seem a little confusing or even overwhelming but once you know what to look for, it all makes perfect sense. Keep in mind that a casino always has the edge, this does not mean that the casino is out to cheat you, all it means is that they make money off of all their games while giving you fair odds to win money back, and a chance of winning more than you came in with.

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