Let It Ride Poker Strategies

If you are going to be good at a game you need to know how to play it. Having a good Let it Ride Strategy will help you have a much more exciting experience because you will be way ahead of the other players because you will know what to do and what not to do.

Playing against yourself

You need to know that first and foremost you are not playing against the dealer or the other players that might be at the table with you, you are playing against yourself and the cards that are dealt to you. You have to try to guess the two community cards that you can’t see, but yet are going to help you win your hand or not.

Strategy decisions on first and second bet

If you know that you have a winning hand with your three cards then you should always let the bets ride. When the time comes to figure out whether you want to let your first bet ride or not, think about the following. If you have three cards towards a Royal Flush you should always go for it and let your bets ride; if you have three successive cards of a Straight Flush with three being the lowest, let it ride. If you have three cards that are going towards a straight but only one hole card is at least a 10 or higher also let the bets ride. Now if you have already went through the first round and went on to the next decision that you have to make about whether to let your bets ride or not, you should let your bets ride if the following cards happen to be in your hand: Any winning hand (A pair of tens or better), Four Cards towards a Royal Flush, four cards towards a Straight or Four High Cards.

Bonus bet is not recommended

Usually in Let it Ride the casino will offer you the chance to make a bonus bet. This is not a good idea; the reason for this is because as soon as you make that bonus bet the house edge of the casino goes right through the roof, all the way up to 30%! With a house edge like that the odds of you profiting from the bet are low and you could end up losing a lot of money. If you are trying to decide how much of a bet to place you can keep this little thought in mind. You will not be paid more than the payout limits, so if you get a Royal Flush with all three bets riding you can divide the top prize by one thousand because it pays 1000 to 1, and then divide it by three if you are still playing all three bets and see what the max amount comes out to be. This will tell you whether or not playing the max is good.

Using these easy Let it Ride Strategies will help you to figure out what to do and how to play at your best.

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