Winning at Let It Ride Poker

There two are basic strategies to winning at Let it Ride that you can learn to help minimize the house's edge to its minimum at about 2.8-3.5%, which is the lowest it can go, you never will have an edge over the house. Like slot machines, you will lose at Let it Ride a little more than half the time, but when you win, you usually win big payouts. The two basic strategies are Three and Four card.

You mainly need to consider strategically the first four cards and the first two circles for betting, because if you decide you are going to pull a bet from the two circles, you can do that with the first four cards. Also, you can estimate pretty well what the strength of your hand is and your chances at winning. On occasion, you will receive a hand known as a "no-brainer', which are hands that are decision makers, say you have three kings, then you know that you should let it ride, because that is a winning hand that could improve into a better hand. And, at other times, you will receive a hand that has the ability to win, say you have three cards of a straight flush, then you would let that ride. Then there are junk hands, with these you should just take back all the bets you can.

Three card strategy

There are rules that you can use to understand better how to tell if you should pull or let it ride. Such as, if you get a Pair of tens or better, you need to play because you are already guaranteed a payout of 1-1, and that hand could always improve as play goes on. If you come up with three cards out of a Straight Flush, you should let it ride also because there are many ways you could win with this hand; Flush, Straight flush, Straight, or a Pair. The same is true if you have three cards needed for a Royal Flush. Three of a Kind is a guaranteed win, so you should let all bets ride.

But with three cards to a flush, this hand isn't very strong compared to other hands, it does, however, have a good possibility to turn into a better hand, so you could let the first bet ride and see what develops. If you get a hand with all face cards or with mostly face cards, you have a good chance of getting a high pair, straight, three of a kind, or two pair, so letting the first bet ride would be a wise decision.

Four card strategy

Once the first community card is flipped over, you should begin with the four-card strategy. Now, your possibilities for developing a better hand is getting limited, so you will have to consider whether or not it would be prudent to remove your second bet. If your hand seems to have good potential to win, then you should probably let your bet ride.

As with the three-card strategy, there are a few rules that you should follow for the four-card strategy. Most are much the same, such as the Four of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair of 10s or better, and Three of a Kind are all sure winners that you should let you bets Ride on. Four Cards of a Royal Flush may not be a sure bet, but there are too many possibilities to make other winning hands that it is reasonable to let your bet ride. The same is true with a possible straight Flush, Flush, open ended and High Straight.

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